2015 MACC Fund Car Show Volunteers

These awesome people gave their time on September 13, 2015 to make this show possible.
They are listed here as one team and they performed as one team, on a mission to provide
our guests the best car show experience they've ever had, and to do their best for the MACC Fund.

*This year Isaiah Patterson is our 2015 Outstanding Volunteer of the Show.

2015 marked his 3rd year volunteering for the MACC Fund Car Show.

Thank you all!

Marilyn Schaal/Door Prizes
Scott Gouza / Manage Parking
Linda Gawlitta/Registration
Clark Boerschinger/Parking
Isaiah Patterson /Tables & Johns
Jim Rauth / Banking & Mgmt.
Pat Rauth / 50-50 Raffle
Chris Raddatz /Early Registration
Miranda Gouza/ Kids Area
Jake Gouza / Kids Area
Brain Raddatz / Car Parking

Jim Patterson
Garrett Heinichen
Phil Barske
Stacy Robarge
Brian Knueppel
Rick Keller
Sharon Keller
Bruno Shaw
Vicky Plonsker
Greg Barske
Dave Bunker
Don Holle
Bill Darr
Dan Falkowski
Rachel Falkowski
Matt Hurd

Ramona Weink
Danni Weink
Karen Mastrocola
Scott Dustin
Mark Carpender
Ned Cera
Paul Longrie
Jim Berka
Don Berka
Brian Manley
Stacy Gregory
Ashley Gregory
Denise Gregory
Greg Gregory
Bruce Gregory
Brad Gregory

Thank you Becky and Donna along with your great volunteers.
Your help and support make this a great car show.
We salute your on going dedication to this wonderful cause.

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